Privacy Coin

Matka (Previously known as BITSUM) is a Privacy coin using Cryptonote technology,Monero is also using Same technology but we don't have explorer to track payment from one user to another, this make privacy of matka coin amazing.


Our development is focus towards adding privacy to gamblers, Where gamblers can easily store send or withdraw Matka coin without disclosing their identity

Telegram and Twitter Wallet

Matka also have wallet in Telegram and Twitter which is centralised wallet and user can store coins in that wallet, Its very easy to use.Our Wallet is also Used by Twitter CEO.

Matka vs. other Privacycoin

Matkacoin Othercoins
Privacy No explorer to Track Transaction Explorer to track Transaction
Gamblers Privacy coin for Gamblers/Hackers Not Focusing on Gamblers/Hackers
Long Term Hold Long Term hold for High Return NO such Option
Usage Protect Privacy, Telegram and Twitter Wallet fo Transaction Only Focus on Privacy

Frequently Asked Question

Used for Private Payment,No one can track those payment, Matka also have wallet in Telegram and Twitter which makes small payment easier.
You can Buy Matkacoin from, Which is very safe and easy to Use, You need Bitcoin to Buy Matkacoin.
Matkacoin is not yet know to many Gamblers, Gambling business is huge and Matka price can reach upto 1$ to 5$ if Matka coin is introduced properly amaong Gambling Community for safe payment.